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Door Ideas For An Open Plan Kitchen And Dining Area

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An open plan kitchen and dining room can be a great option for family dining or informal entertaining, but it can be less ideal for more formal events. One way to take advantage of both open and closed kitchen designs is to integrate a specialty door into your home. There are several ways to do this that are attractive. Read through the options and pick the one that works best with your décor and kitchen setup.

Option #1: The barn door

The barn door is a style that is still holding strong. It is especially well-suited to farmhouse-style kitchens that have a wide open doorway between the kitchen and dining area. The door way will need an adjacent wall for the door to sit in front of when opened fully. Split barn doors are also an option for areas with no adjacent walls, such as completely open plans. These doors pass in front of each other, allowing you to partially open the space or completely close it off. Simply install the specialty barn door hardware above the doorway and then hang the door on the track. You have a large welcoming space when opened, and a more formal dining-only room when closed.

Option #2: French doors

French doors can add a touch of European class to the room. They are also highly versatile. Since they fold almost completely out of the way, they can be used in any size doorway. Opt for dark wood for a formal appearance, or white frames for doors that can easily transition between formal and informal. If you prefer more privacy, frosted glass is the best option. For those that sometimes want to completely close off the kitchen, but at other times prefer a peek inside, opt for shades on the doors that you can open and close as desired.

Option #3: Folding doors and pocket doors

Folding doors can be constructed of custom wood panels made to match your cabinetry or the other doors throughout your home. They can fold to the side on hinges, or slip into a pocket in the wall so they are out of the way. Opting for a design with narrow folding slats – no wider than the wall – means the folding doors are all but invisible once opened. Another option that looks especially nice in the dining area is to get a wood and frosted glass door made to resemble a Japanese rice paper shoji screen. These can either slip into a wall pocket or be made to fold on hidden hinges along the wood joints between the glass panes.

Consult with a specialty building supplies professional, such as REFCO for more ideas on adding a door to your open plan kitchen.