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Want To Keep Your Home Safer? Hire A Garage Door Professional

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You likely think of keeping the windows and doors in your home secure to deter criminals. If you have a garage that is attached to your home, however, criminals often try to enter through it to gain access to your home. To keep this from happening, hire a garage door professional. They can ensure a criminal cannot get into the garage. Below are three ways they can do this.

Replace Garage Door Opener

If you have an older garage door opener, you should replace it with an updated one. The first generation of garage door openers all used the same code. Thieves can use a transmitter to "grab" the code to easily open your garage door.

Newer garage door openers have more safety features. Some feature a dip switch that allows you to set a unique code. The newest garage door openers use a rolling code technology. This type of remote transmits a brand new code every time you press the button on your remote. Because there are billions of code combinations, it would be almost impossible for a criminal to grab your code.

Deactivate the Emergency Release Handle

One way a criminal can get into your garage is by using the emergency release handle. They can use a wire coat hanger to move the lever to open the door. An experienced criminal can do this in only a few seconds.  They stretch the coat hanger out and bend a hook on the end of it. They then put it through any type of opening, such as a gap in a window, and hook the release handle.

To keep this from happening, ask the garage door professional to remove the cord that attaches to the handle. They will then insert something into the emergency release handle latch to prevent the latch from being opened.

Perform Garage Door Maintenance

It is important that you keep your garage door maintained to ensure it is working properly to keep it secure. A professional garage door company like Crawford Door Company can do this by inspecting all parts to make sure they are working well. They will look for corrosion on the garage door springs, and make sure the rolling cables are intact and in good shape. They will tighten up the hardware, and lubricate all moving parts.

If you want more security, hire a security company to install an alarm system for your home. If someone does try to open the garage door or break through a window you and the authorities will be notified.