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Benefits Of An ADA Swing Door Opener

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You may have gone through your whole business making sure that you have everything readied for ADA compliance. However, after you have made sure to take care of handicap parking spots, refit the restrooms to ensure they are wheelchair friendly, had high light switches moved lower, lowered the positioning of wall phones, made sure doorways and hallways are wheelchair friendly, and taken care of all the other things you need to to be handicap accessible, you want to make sure you don't overlook one very important thing. How would someone in a weakened state or even in a wheelchair actually get into your building? Especially since most companies tend to have entrances that are hard to push open, many disabled people aren't going to be able to get past the door. Here are some of the benefits that you have to offer your customers, and even disabled employees, when you make the wise decision to have an ADA swing door opener installed.

Anyone can enter the building

Once you have an ADA swing opener installed then it can work a variety of ways. No matter what, it is going to make it easier for people with a variety of mobility issues to access the building without any problems. You can have a door swing opener that detects someone approaching the door and this will cause the door to open for them, just in time for them to enter. Or, you can have one installed that requires the simple push of a button. The button is large in size, making it very easy for anyone to hit. As soon as the button gets tapped, then the door will open and stay open long enough for a disabled person to slowly enter the building.

No one will need to wait to be helped

If the door is shut and there is no way a disabled person can open it on their own, then they will need to sit outside of the door until someone inside sees them and lets them in or until someone else comes up behind them to go inside and opens the door for them. When it's very hot or cold, or raining or snowing, this can be extremely uncomfortable.

The doors can remain shut when not in use

The only other option you have to make sure people with mobility issues can easily enter the building is to keep the doors wide open during regular business hours. However, when you do this you will have a hard time controlling the inside temperature of your establishment. This can cause your power bills to rise significantly and make the inside uncomfortable for everyone inside. Also, you will be allowing any type of pest that wants to get in. The most common will be flies and moths. However, even stray dogs or wild deer can feel free to walk right inside where they will become distractions and can be destructive, as well as dangerous.

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